Combining Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO for the Best Website Growth

Combining Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO for the Best Website Growth

Keeping an audience informed as well as entertained is what content marketing is all about, promoting your content is what social media is about and making sure that every technical aspect is thoroughly covered so that your content is found by search engines is what SEO is all about. The truth of the matter is that all the above mentioned aspects work jointly in achieving audience relevance.plan your marketing

It is not a surprise that due to the growth of organic online marketing communities, content marketing, social media and search engine optimization are all being bunched together. When all three methods are running jointly and smoothly, with the use of valuable content, customers are able to increase the traffic to their websites and therefore increase profits.

Part of this may be due to the changes that have taken place with Google algorithms, they now take social signals into consideration as indicators of rankings. If a business wants to design a marketing plan geared towards the goals of their company, it is important to be familiar with the way in which content marketing, social media and optimization work together.

In What Ways Does Combining All 3 Better Help Organic Marketing?

1. Twitter is Used By Google To Find New Content

Being an ever growing public library stocked to the brim with content the world wide web has no central filing system. During its crawl process, google gathers pages and with them creates an index, this is how we know where things we are searching for can be found. Due to the amount of daily content being produced, this can be quite a tedious process.

Thanks to Twitter and the content being generated which creates a lot of traction, the amount of time it takes Google to find the needed content becomes less. The amount of people tweeting the content, how long it took for the content to be shared, how many times the content was retweeted are all factors which are taken into consideration during the indexing process. A very important factor is content indexation, the quicker a page’s content is indexed, the quicker traffic will be increased to the website.

2. The Latest Link Building is Through Social Shares

When it comes to Google’s SERPs, on of the many contributing factors to high rankings are the amount of linkbacks received by a website. This factor can unfortunately be manipulated easily with the use of black-hat techniques such as invisible texting, keyword stuffing and fake websites which are created to link back to the website being optimized. This has caused Google to prefer looking into social signals to receive non manipulated links such as through Facebook Posts, Tweets etc. It is no longer necessary to create “link juice”, the link backs a website needs can be provided by social media and SEO working together.

3. Search Engine Marketing Is No Longer Purely Technical

Now more than ever, thanks to all the algorithm changes Google has undergone, content is the way to go. Only the most relevant and best content is what Google wants to rank highly, this has meant the search engine optimization is now more “human friendly”. Google is now searching for content that is being shared with people as opposed to the amount of keywords that are being stuffed into websites and posts.

There are of course important technicalities that can not be ignored, however the keywords being used can now actually answer genuine questions people are asking in a more accurate way. For example instead of optimizing keywords such as “push up” optimized phrases such as “how to properly do a push up” are being used. This means that content which people really use is what is being provided.

There was a time in which creating an online marketing strategy was all about link building, this is no longer the case. Cathy Houghton – a well known expert in the industry clarifies:  “It is crucial to also consider content, social media and search engine optimization as an umbrella, content is crucial being as that is the core of all social engagement. It is getting to the point in which content will not only generate links but also shares, this will soon be how popularity, rankings and website traffic are being measured”.  She has also put together an excellent video which gives companies a head start on their own ranking improvements.

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A Comments Plugin Is A Good Website Guestbook Alternative

A Comments Plugin Is A Good Website Guestbook Alternative

A lot of websites have guestbooks, but many more have a comments section for people to post in. You need something like this in place if you want to be able to interact with your visitors. It also teaches you more about what people want from you and your website so you don’t have to just guess.

website comments plugins

What kind of system do you have in place that lets you install comment plugins? If you have WordPress, for example, you need to know that so you can find a plugin that will work with it. Joomla is another CMS that has plugins associated with it that you could use with this kind of thing. Once you know what you have on your site you can easily look up what you can use. If you can’t find anything then you may want to rephrase what you are looking for or find a forum to ask others about what is needed.  There’s a number of companies out there who have taken comments to the next level.  One of these is Disqus – they’re everywhere online.  There are some plugins which make intergrating Disqus an easy task

Sometimes if you are good at making your own programs, you can just build a plugin from scratch. Even if you don’t have a ton of programming experience, you can learn to make what you need as long as you are willing to follow a few tutorials and make a few easy plugins first. If you can’t find good written tutorials because you learn better visually, you can watch people on a video sharing site that make what you need so you can watch and then pause the video when you need to try and follow along.

You’re going to want to have a spam filter you can use so that your comments don’t get clogged up with a bunch of spam posts. People tend to scan for websites with ways to leave comments with software, and then they post nonsense on your pages that contains links. People do this to as many sites as they can to try and lead people to places that serve malware of just to get traffic. It’s not good to have a bunch of these things on your website because it make it look bad and enough of it makes your ranking worse within search engine results.

Look through comments regularly so you can get rid of ones that are bad for others to see. Some people, for instance, may just curse or share links to bad things you don’t want other visitors to have to deal with. If you keep getting spammed or having people not pay attention to your rules you can make everything need you to approve it before it’s posted to your site. This is a good idea to set up but you can also have an account system where you allow certain people to post whatever they want once they prove they are not going to spam or do other things you don’t want them to.

Comments that you can have come to your site may be a complaint about something that you should be paying attention to. If you have a lot of people that complain only for you to censor what they say, you will face backlash eventually and that’s not good if you want people to keep visiting your site. Be someone that follows through and helps people when they are having problems so you don’t get a reputation for not caring.


Look for updates that plugin makers send out so that if there are security issues or anything you can get it all taken care of before there are security problems with your website. It’s very important that you are not ignoring security or else people could get their information stolen or other bad things can happen that are likely to make you look bad. Watch over traffic logs and stats for your website. That way, if you see any spikes in traffic or other indicators of people trying to hack your site or take it down, you can take care of it and update everything before the problem gets worse.

Alternatives to website guestbooks like a comments plugin will help you keep in touch with your visitors. There are many things people will say online that they wouldn’t tell you privately because they feel anonymous in comments sections.

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Help Build A Following

Help Build A Following

Tracking Visitors To Your Site To Help Build A Following

There are great benefits when you work with tracking visitors to your site. Tools can help you know who is visiting you from where. Learn what to do to make sure your website gets the best results when you work with it and you’ll be able to upgrade it properly.getting followers

A website should use tools that track people in an advanced way. With your hosting service, you can usually use their built in tools to check out your traffic, but the information is going to be very basic. People are not going to buy a site if you don’t have something like Google Analytics to prove you’re getting legitimate traffic from different places online. If you try to sell a site based on just your host’s traffic logs, it could be that all the traffic is from robots making it something people won’t trust.

Use Google Anayltics to check out where your traffic is coming from through their search engine. You can easily see what keywords people were searching for and then you can make sure that if some pages aren’t being searched for that you change what is on those pages. Keywords are a very important thing to get right if you want the most traffic possible. Sometimes you are going to see that there are words that all of a sudden quit getting you traffic, and that may mean you lost your ranking or that the trend is over for that particular set of words.

If you don’t watch out for search engine updates, you may be surprised when your traffic falls. It’s best to watch for news related to sites like Google because if they plan to do something that alters the way their results are displayed, it’s important that you know and utilize anything you can to make sure your ranking stays good. If you notice that all of a sudden you’re ranking lower, chances are they changed the way their algorithms work so you have to fix up your site or hire someone to do so for you.

As your website grows, you will notice trends in your traffic. Watch for when people are likely to visit, because then you can start posting content at those times and know that it will be seen by a lot of people. If you are noticing that there are a ton of people from another country or just weird looking traffic in large amounts, you may be dealing with some kind of a hack. When you stay on top of watching the traffic it helps you to determine what kind of steps to take to better your website and how you run it.

Plugins can offer you the ability to keep robotic traffic from clogging up your site. If you look at stats and see a bunch of robotic traffic on any pages where there are forms or logins you should install some kind of Captcha plugin. That should keep a lot of problems at bay because when someone notices their hacking software isn’t doing anything because you don’t let robotic traffic through, they will probably target others instead. Even if you don’t have a well known website there are people that will try to get into it so you have to be careful.

Tracking people and where they are coming from can help you know where to market to people. Let’s say that you have a social media account and want to join groups that have to do with cities or countries where poeple live that really like your product. You can participate in places like that and then you will be able to add marketing links to what you share. Just be sure you don’t spam people because there are limits to what people will let you share and if you go over them you may be blocked.

Tracking visitors to your site is only going to work if you have the right tools in place. Knowing what traffic is legitimate and how to get more of it will get your website to be seen by many people. You now know what to do and can enjoy your results.

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Do I Need A Comments Book?

Do I Need A Comments Book?

Guestbooks For Websites – What Are They? Do I Need One?

Now that we’re all familiar with an internet where direct communication between site creators and visitors is common across a host of different media – social networks, email, VoIP, and much more – the idea of a simple script added to your site to capture visitors’ reactions is almost charmingly quaint. Web guest books still have a useful role to play in the 21st century, though!

How they Work

website gurus have changed

A guestbook is simply an automated script somewhere on your website that allows any visitor to leave behind a comment or question for you. In their rawest form, web versions collect and publicly display comments automatically, anonymously, and without filters. You can change all of these parameters by introducing more complex coding though.

Even though this basic communications link between site visitors and operators has been superseded by a host of newer media, there’s still some value to creating a guestbook. In today’s video-heavy broadband internet environment, a basic one (even with advanced anti-exploitation features) is a relative featherweight that’s not going to swamp your servers or your visitors’ connections.

A Peek Under The Hood

It’s important to note that guestbooks can’t be created in HTML. HTML is strictly a display code, and since these are fundamentally based on a function – collecting comments – they need a different language. Simple ones can be coded in PHP, Perl, CGI, or ASP.

If you’re not technically proficient, don’t start sweating yet. The good news is that today you have a host of plug-and-play options for adding this functionality to your website. This is such a basic form of interactivity that the necessary scripts can actually be generated automatically by many web-building programs and services.


Guestbooks have always offered you, the site owner, the same set of advantages. It’s a straightforward way to learn more about your audience, their concerns, their interests, and their issues with your site. One of the best features of them is that it allows you to get a fairly accurate picture of your audience’s geographic distribution.

One reason that they have survived is that their core function, collecting audience information, has become unbelievably valuable as the internet has evolved. While a basic one will simply show you a live stream of visitors’ reactions, adding just a little bit of complexity will allow you to collect far more useful data: everything from email addresses to time spent on different pages of your website.

Potential Drawbacks

They’re aren’t nearly as common as they once were, and it’s not because they’ve grown unfashionable. There are some distinct downsides you need to consider before you slap one on your homepage. For a start, a plain vanilla guestbook is vulnerable to exploitation (e.g. spam, obscenities, etc.) without added features to protect it.

More importantly, it is one of those website features that’s only an asset if it’s used. A dusty guestbook module that has three entries and none more recent than last year isn’t going to do your website any favors.

Finally, as noted (twice!) above, there are a lot of newer tools that can do everything guestbooks do and a whole lot more. For audience communication, you have social media and for data collection, you have a host of different analytic tools.

Making The Choice

So how do you weigh the benefits and the drawbacks and decide whether or not to plug that script into your own website? The most important point to focus on is probably the last one. There are many other ways to learn about and talk to your audience. Installing a guestbook on your website is going to be a waste of your time – if you’re already using those other tools.

This might not be the case, though. If you’re running many different websites, you probably aren’t keeping tabs on every one with a dedicated social media account or checking up on their analytics reports regularly. Installing a guestbook may be a great low-maintenance way to collect user feedback on low-traffic sites. Learning how to build your own guestbook is also a useful exercise in developing your web programming skills.
Though they are not nearly as common now as they were ten years ago, guestbooks are far from extinct on the Internet. They can still serve a useful purpose for many different sorts of websites. Take a closer look at how you need to communicate with your site’s visitors; a humble guestbook might just turn out to be the best way to get the job done!

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The Best Website Guestbook Plugins

The Best Website Guestbook Plugins

If you need to allocate space on your website for guest detail records or member comments, there are many WordPress Guestbook plugins that will let you do it. These plugins come as premium as well as free versions. They will help you maintain creative and attractive guestbooks on your website.
These plugins will help you set up in-page comment form positions and comment lists by using single or multiple books. With so many free and premium WordPress Guestbook plugins out there, how will you choose the right one for your site? In fact, if you are just beginning to develop your site, you can start with a free plugin for the moment. But if you require advanced features, you may have to settle for a premium version of the plugin. This article provides information on some of the best website guestbook plugins on the market.

wordpress plugins
Comment Guestbook – This plugin will allow you to set up comment form position, adjust the comment order or form, and adjust the comment HTML-code for the guestbook page. The plugin also has an option to show numbered pagination links for the particular comment list. A sidebar widget will show the recent comments with numerous other options. You will also see a message after a new comment is made. These are some of the salient features of this free WordPress guestbook plugin.
DMSGuestbook – This is another effective guestbook plugin for WordPress sites. Every guestbook will have its own language template. You can set mandatory fields that the user needs to fill out. You can even make your own language template within a few minutes. Other important features of the plugin include managing the user entries on DMSGuestbook, notified by email when a guestbook post is submitted, create your own guestbook template, an administrator has the ability to review any post before showing it, and setting text hidden in the DMSGuestbook.
Rizzi Guestbook – This plugin will allow you to create a user-friendly guestbook without having to write a single line of code. You also have the option of adding a date stamp so that you can keep track of when visitors sign your guestbook. You have the ability to let anyone participate in your guestbook or limit entrance just to the users. This plugin is compatible with mobile friendly WordPress themes. Administration and setting up of the plugin is quite simple compared to most of the other guestbook plugins. The minimalist design makes the plugin extremely user friendly. Automatic paging of entries to customizable length is allowed. This is another great guestbook plugin that could be used on your WordPress website.
WP ViperGB – This plugin will allow you to create a user-friendly guestbook even if you do not know a single line of coding. This plugin will live on a standard WordPress page and use comments for entries. You will find icons for country, OS, and browser in all visitor signatures. It allows for automatic paging of certain entries to customizable length. There is a two-view layout system that will provide one view for submitting your entries while another view is provided for reading them. The admin panel will permit easy customization to suit the theme of your website. If you are a programmer, you have the ability to manually embed standalone guestbooks thanks to the simple PHP template function.
Bad Behavior – This is another great guestbook plugin for your WordPress website. It offers a new way of keeping your guestbook up-to-date. Spammers are prevented from delivering junk. Your site logs are made cleaner with this plugin. It will function with the existing spam prevention methods to avoid denial of service parameters that are caused by spammers.
In conclusion, although there are plenty of premium and free WordPress guestbook plugins out there, all of these plugins are not created the same. In fact, you will need to perform extensive research when finding the best WordPress Guestbook plugin for your website. There are many important factors to consider in this regard. If you are just starting out, you may use a free version of these plugins. But if you need more features, you will have to go with a premium WordPress guestbook plugin.

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