Combining Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO for the Best Website Growth

Keeping an audience informed as well as entertained is what content marketing is all about, promoting your content is what social media is about and making sure that every technical aspect is thoroughly covered so that your content is found by search engines is what SEO is all about. The truth of the matter is that all the above mentioned aspects work jointly in achieving audience relevance.plan your marketing

It is not a surprise that due to the growth of organic online marketing communities, content marketing, social media and search engine optimization are all being bunched together. When all three methods are running jointly and smoothly, with the use of valuable content, customers are able to increase the traffic to their websites and therefore increase profits.

Part of this may be due to the changes that have taken place with Google algorithms, they now take social signals into consideration as indicators of rankings. If a business wants to design a marketing plan geared towards the goals of their company, it is important to be familiar with the way in which content marketing, social media and optimization work together.

In What Ways Does Combining All 3 Better Help Organic Marketing?

1. Twitter is Used By Google To Find New Content

Being an ever growing public library stocked to the brim with content the world wide web has no central filing system. During its crawl process, google gathers pages and with them creates an index, this is how we know where things we are searching for can be found. Due to the amount of daily content being produced, this can be quite a tedious process.

Thanks to Twitter and the content being generated which creates a lot of traction, the amount of time it takes Google to find the needed content becomes less. The amount of people tweeting the content, how long it took for the content to be shared, how many times the content was retweeted are all factors which are taken into consideration during the indexing process. A very important factor is content indexation, the quicker a page’s content is indexed, the quicker traffic will be increased to the website.

2. The Latest Link Building is Through Social Shares

When it comes to Google’s SERPs, on of the many contributing factors to high rankings are the amount of linkbacks received by a website. This factor can unfortunately be manipulated easily with the use of black-hat techniques such as invisible texting, keyword stuffing and fake websites which are created to link back to the website being optimized. This has caused Google to prefer looking into social signals to receive non manipulated links such as through Facebook Posts, Tweets etc. It is no longer necessary to create “link juice”, the link backs a website needs can be provided by social media and SEO working together.

3. Search Engine Marketing Is No Longer Purely Technical

Now more than ever, thanks to all the algorithm changes Google has undergone, content is the way to go. Only the most relevant and best content is what Google wants to rank highly, this has meant the search engine optimization is now more “human friendly”. Google is now searching for content that is being shared with people as opposed to the amount of keywords that are being stuffed into websites and posts.

There are of course important technicalities that can not be ignored, however the keywords being used can now actually answer genuine questions people are asking in a more accurate way. For example instead of optimizing keywords such as “push up” optimized phrases such as “how to properly do a push up” are being used. This means that content which people really use is what is being provided.

There was a time in which creating an online marketing strategy was all about link building, this is no longer the case. Cathy Houghton – a well known expert in the industry clarifies:  “It is crucial to also consider content, social media and search engine optimization as an umbrella, content is crucial being as that is the core of all social engagement. It is getting to the point in which content will not only generate links but also shares, this will soon be how popularity, rankings and website traffic are being measured”.  She has also put together an excellent video which gives companies a head start on their own ranking improvements.



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