A Comments Plugin Is A Good Website Guestbook Alternative

A lot of websites have guestbooks, but many more have a comments section for people to post in. You need something like this in place if you want to be able to interact with your visitors. It also teaches you more about what people want from you and your website so you don’t have to just guess.

website comments plugins

What kind of system do you have in place that lets you install comment plugins? If you have WordPress, for example, you need to know that so you can find a plugin that will work with it. Joomla is another CMS that has plugins associated with it that you could use with this kind of thing. Once you know what you have on your site you can easily look up what you can use. If you can’t find anything then you may want to rephrase what you are looking for or find a forum to ask others about what is needed.  There’s a number of companies out there who have taken comments to the next level.  One of these is Disqus – they’re everywhere online.  There are some plugins which make intergrating Disqus an easy task

Sometimes if you are good at making your own programs, you can just build a plugin from scratch. Even if you don’t have a ton of programming experience, you can learn to make what you need as long as you are willing to follow a few tutorials and make a few easy plugins first. If you can’t find good written tutorials because you learn better visually, you can watch people on a video sharing site that make what you need so you can watch and then pause the video when you need to try and follow along.

You’re going to want to have a spam filter you can use so that your comments don’t get clogged up with a bunch of spam posts. People tend to scan for websites with ways to leave comments with software, and then they post nonsense on your pages that contains links. People do this to as many sites as they can to try and lead people to places that serve malware of just to get traffic. It’s not good to have a bunch of these things on your website because it make it look bad and enough of it makes your ranking worse within search engine results.

Look through comments regularly so you can get rid of ones that are bad for others to see. Some people, for instance, may just curse or share links to bad things you don’t want other visitors to have to deal with. If you keep getting spammed or having people not pay attention to your rules you can make everything need you to approve it before it’s posted to your site. This is a good idea to set up but you can also have an account system where you allow certain people to post whatever they want once they prove they are not going to spam or do other things you don’t want them to.

Comments that you can have come to your site may be a complaint about something that you should be paying attention to. If you have a lot of people that complain only for you to censor what they say, you will face backlash eventually and that’s not good if you want people to keep visiting your site. Be someone that follows through and helps people when they are having problems so you don’t get a reputation for not caring.


Look for updates that plugin makers send out so that if there are security issues or anything you can get it all taken care of before there are security problems with your website. It’s very important that you are not ignoring security or else people could get their information stolen or other bad things can happen that are likely to make you look bad. Watch over traffic logs and stats for your website. That way, if you see any spikes in traffic or other indicators of people trying to hack your site or take it down, you can take care of it and update everything before the problem gets worse.

Alternatives to website guestbooks like a comments plugin will help you keep in touch with your visitors. There are many things people will say online that they wouldn’t tell you privately because they feel anonymous in comments sections.

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